10 most important considerations when choosing an overseas wedding planner

1. What available lines of communication are there?
With Faraway we have email (all emails go to multiple addresses and therefore should not be missed), online interactive wedding planning tools (your viewing and selections can be monitored by your planner), telephone (including a freephone number for UK and Australian residents) and IM (immediate messaging).

2. What does the planner actually do (are there things that you still need to organize)?
Faraway Wedding Planners can organize everything other than the flight, including pre-wedding activities, all aspects of the wedding day and reception, accommodation for you and your guests, trips, tours, pre and post-wedding parties and honeymoon activities.

3. Will the planner attend the wedding?
Yes, the planner will be there on the day to work alongside the whole Faraway Team and coordinate the wedding.

4. What back-up is in place if your wedding planner is sick or unavailable?
We only ever arrange one wedding per day, so the wedding planner will never be unavailable through other work commitments. In the event of sickness, our wedding planners work very closely and all emails and information from telephone calls and the interactive tools are available for another planner and the whole wedding planning team to pick-up the reins smoothly in the event of an emergency.

5. What staff does the wedding planning company have and do they rely on outside agencies?
Faraway has a permanent team of 20 dedicated wedding staff. These each have a role to play and all attend every wedding to ensure consistency in quality and service. In addition to our own permanent wedding staff, Faraway also has its own floristry team. We have been working with the catering team for the last eight years and the only other outsourcing is the photography and videography. Any person or company used by Faraway has been hand selected to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

6. What experience do the staff have?
You can have the greatest wedding planner in the world but if the staff they are working with are lacking wedding experience then you will undoubtedly encounter problems. The Faraway Wedding staff, as described above, do weddings and nothing else. Whether you choose a wedding at our own private venue, or at one of our hand selected partner venues, it is Faraway Staff in control of everything wedding related. The venue may control the food & beverage and accommodation but the wedding is controlled by us.

7. How do you know that the company exists?
Firstly, you will be aware of the reliability and credibility by the speed and the detail of any responses you receive. This will show you that someone is actually at the other end and responding (not relying solely on automated messages which of course play a useful role in confirming receipt).

Secondly, there are numerous forums such as trip advisor and Facebook where you can find out from other people about the services offered and whether the company is real or not.

This is not such a big issue with Faraway Weddings as the company has been on the island for a long time and has an established branding. This has been further enhanced by exhibiting at The National Wedding Show in the UK each year since 2009, which has provided existing clients the opportunity to come and meet the team in person and dispel any fears.

Faraway Plans to increase this branding and peace of mind by exhibiting in other locations such as Australia so clients from there will have the same opportunities.

8. How secure are the payment systems and what guarantees do you have?
Faraway weddings uses a secure payment system whereby you receive a payment request which can be paid by credit card directly into the Thai Farmers Bank, not to Faraway Weddings. We never actually receive any credit card details. Other methods are also available such as bank transfers etc.

9. Will my day be unique?
Faraway Weddings has a totally unique interactive wedding planning tool section of the website which allows clients to build a scrapbook of ideas and choose from numerous examples or flower designs, colour schemes, music, vows, wedding favours and so on. And it allows you to send in your own pictures and designs etc. This tool enables each client to personalize every aspect of their wedding.

The likelihood of two separate wedding couples wanting and selecting the same things in relation to all aspects of the wedding is virtually impossible making each Faraway wedding a completely unique experience.

10. How much control do the wedding planning company have over the venue?
Faraway Weddings has its own dedicated wedding venue, the Faraway Villa, and therefore has complete control over this wedding environment.
In relation to luxury villa resort weddings: Faraway only works with two prestigious partner venues where all weddings are exclusively organized by Faraway. Relationships with these venues are based on the concept that Faraway is in control of the wedding with the support of the resort staff as described previously.

It is important to realize that the internet has no means of management or control. Companies can pretty much state whatever they desire without evidence to support this. How many times have you read phrases such as The First, The Best, The Premier, The Leading, The Finest etc?

We know that people lay claim to all sorts of attributes and abilities which are untrue. Such misleading information is negative to the wedding industry and specifically the overseas wedding industry.

Faraway Weddings strongly advises that anyone considering an overseas wedding should dig a little deeper than the obvious advertising information before making a decision.

After confirming the above considerations and comparing companies you should choose the company who not only seems capable of arranging your special day, but also with whom you feel most comfortable.