Facts about Faraway Flowers

It is no surprise that flowers play a big part in creating your dream wedding whether your wedding is in a registry office or on a tropical beach in Thailand. They add colour, character and a personal touch to your décor.
As you’d imagine, when getting married here on Koh Samui there are plenty of stunning flowers for you to choose from that are all local to Thailand and included in our wedding package. To make it easier to choose the best blooms for your colour scheme, we are on hand every step along the way from the planning to construction to talk you through the best selections.
Thai flowers are most abundant in shades of purple and pink – ranging from soft lilac and blush to deep velvet and hot pink; white and green – a natural yet striking colour scheme when set against the colourful beach setting and of course the more exotic and summery yellow and orange shades. There is also the possibility to import foreign flowers at an additional cost if you have your heart set on something specific.
So when beginning to plan it is a good idea to link your colour scheme to what is plentiful and of superior quality. However, we know this is not always the case and sometimes your colour scheme, for example blue, may not link itself to any available flowers. In these cases we suggest bringing accessories to add an injection of colour and keeping the flowers to a neutral white. As you’ll see on our pinterest page, it is amazing the impact that well placed material, ribbons and candles can make to your décor.

At Faraway Weddings we have an in-house floristry team which makes a huge difference in terms of what we can achieve with your flower displays, and the flexibility we can employ on the day. Rin, our head florist, is extremely creative and fantastically skilled – especially when it comes to using tropical flowers – and will bend over backwards to achieve your dream style.
All of our flowers are imported from around Thailand, especially from the North which is rife with vibrant flower farms, and flown into Samui the day before the wedding to allow us to check the quality and quantity thoroughly.
The flowers then go straight in to our designated flower fridges, which we have both at The Faraway Villa and in the office, to ensure they are as fresh as possible on the wedding day.
On the big day the complete set-up is done on-site by Rin and his team, this means that we have complete control over the creations and can be adaptable to any situation that may arise.
Another advantage to this arrangement is that the Bride, when getting ready at the villa, is able to see everything coming together. This is particularly important when it comes to the bouquet – as you know this is a key part of the wedding attire but it can often be tricky to imagine what the finished product will look like, especially when choosing flowers you are unfamiliar with.
Having an onsite florist means that the bride has a unique opportunity to be involved in the size, colour and arrangement of the end design.