Faraway F & B

Apart from the ceremony itself, for many people, the food and beverage is the next most important element of the wedding. After all, these are two things that are enjoyed and appreciated by everyone at the wedding. Whilst the bride and groom may be rightfully focused on the wedding details such as décor, flowers, vows etc, it’s the food and drink which most guests will remember.
So let’s start with the drinks. From the moment the guests arrive until they are taken back to their resorts at the end of the night, it’s crucial to keep everyone fed and watered, which makes the bar an extremely important element of any wedding. With destination weddings it’s fairly standard for the bride and groom to provide the drinks, and this can be a big blow to any wedding budget.
At Faraway Weddings we have designed a bar operating system which favors our client’s wallets and has become one of our biggest selling points. Especially when compared with drinks packages and drink prices at most resorts.

For every Faraway Wedding there is a bar set-up fee which is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on how many guests are attending. The set-up fee covers the bar tenders, glass collectors and glass washers as well as the glass hire and the bar sundries such as ice, straws, stirrers etc.

Once this fee is paid the aim is to save our clients as much as possible by offering a wholesale price list for all drinks and cocktail ingredients. This ensures that you will be hard pressed to find a cocktail or a beer to match our prices anywhere else on the island, even at a 7-11.

The wholesale price has a 5% mark-up which covers the fact that we order, pay for and collect all of the drinks and this also accounts for times when we have to seek an alternative and more expensive seller if there is a shortage at the wholesalers.

The wedding planner will also assist the bride and groom in obtaining the right quantities of the drinks they choose for their menu so that you don’t run out or, just as importantly, you aren’t left with too much at the end of the night. Anything that is left belongs to the bride and groom and it can go back with them and the guests to be enjoyed over the remaining days of their holiday.

Beers and spirits in Thailand tend to be relatively cheap compared to other countries. However, wines and Champagne can seem ridiculously expensive. So, just to make the bar even more affordable, we do not charge a corkage fee for any items brought through duty free.

Our bar staff are some of the best on the island and have years of experience creating the perfect drink and fun atmosphere for everyone at the wedding.

With the drinks taken care of, the next way to impress a guest is through the food. At Faraway Weddings we take great pride in knowing that the food and level of service that we are able to provide is unmatched. We have had the same catering team for 10 years and have developed a strong and lasting relationship that is built on consistency and a desire to provide great service.

Our catering team has had the privilege of cooking for members of the Thai royal family and we have hosted chefs from all over of the world as brides and or grooms or as guests of our weddings. The feedback has always been extremely positive and in March 2014 we hosted a wedding for Joss and Nick Honeyman. Nick is the Executive Chef at Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbor. He is an expert in the culinary arts who knows quality food when he comes across it and he and Joss stated, “The venue was absolutely stunning, the food was probably the best we had on our whole trip, and all in all we just couldn’t fault the entire experience”.

There were several other renowned chefs at that wedding and they all enjoyed the food which is truly great to hear. All positive feedback is greatly received and appreciated, but it is even more special when coming from such discerning and knowledgeable clients.

We take great pride in knowing that our catering team cook everything onsite, nothing is precooked and brought in. We know how important it is to deliver a fresh and authentic taste to our guests and, while we specialize in Thai cuisine, we have many Western menu options as well. Not only can we cater to different menu styles but we can also cater to any dietary requirements.

There have been many occasions when at one wedding alone there may be vegetarians; pescatarians; vegans; celiacs, requiring gluten free food; and guests with specific food allergies. Not to mention the odd guest who doesn’t want to eat anything they don’t recognize and would prefer something more traditional to their home country.

We are able to accommodate all of these different needs.

We also offer a Western style children’s menu to suit all ages.

All in all our catering options are flexible and accommodating and we always aim to satisfy all of our guests’ needs.