Green Friendly Wedding Thailand

Faraway Green Beach Wedding

Indulge in a stylish and environmentally friendly wedding ceremony amid the natural beauty of Samui found in the lush gardens and sandy beach of Faraway Wedding Venue.

Allow the breathtaking scenery and perfect sunset to provide an ideal backdrop for a magical and private ceremony that remains socially responsible. Your recollections of this celebration that is both elegant and ethical will be forever etched in your hearts and minds.

Our secular beach weddings are timed to culminate in a spectacular sunset experience, creating the perfect setting to say the words “I do”, as the warmth of the day gives way to the coolness of a beautiful Samui evening.

For those who want to opt for a conscience free high quality wedding which is not only stylish and beautiful, but is also environmentally friendly, then the Faraway Green wedding experience is ideal for you.

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