Legal Wedding in Thailand

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the requirements for a Legal Wedding in Thailand

Q. Can I use your service if I am not using Faraway Weddings to organise my wedding?
A: No. Our legal wedding service is now only available to clients organising their wedding ceremony with Faraway Weddings.

Q. How much does your service cost?
A: The cost of our fully comprehensive legal service costs between 23,500 to 28,500 baht (please note: prices are subject to change) depending on your nationality.

Please note: this does not include embassy fees.

Q. What if I’m divorced ?

A: You will need to bring your original divorce certificate (Decree Absolute) plus a photocopy. Please note: only originals will be accepted. Also, you must have been divorced for at least 310 days unless the following applies:
– You are remarrying the same person.
– Approval to remarry from a court in your country is obtained.
–¬†You or your fiance are not pregnant (doctor certified).
– You or your fiance, if pregnant has already given birth to the child.

Q. What if I’m widowed ?
A: You will need to bring your spouse’s Death Certificate. Please note: only originals will be accepted.

Q. If I have a civil wedding ceremony in Thailand will my marriage be legally recognised in my own country ?
A: Yes.

Q. What does Faraway’s Legal Marriage Service include ?
A: Assistance with submitting your statutory declaration at your embassy(s); notarised translation of declarations into Thai; submission of declarations and translations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication and approval; submission of documents to Koh Samui Amphur (City Hall) to register the marriage; appointment of the Registrar to complete the registration of your marriage at your wedding ceremony and finally, notarised translation of marriage certificate into English.

Please note: Our service is only available for wedding ceremonies taking place on Koh Samui.

Q. What is the minimum age one to get married in Thailand?
A: 20 years of age or 18 and 19 years of age with parents’ consent. If 17 years of age permission must be granted by a court.

Q. What if I’ve been adopted?
A: You will need to bring your adoption certificate. Please note: only originals will be accepted.

Q. What is the minimum days required to process all documentation before the wedding day.
A: We require at least 6 working days excluding the day of arrival. Please note your embassy will be closed for both Thai and its own national public holidays.

Q. How many days will we be required to stay in Bangkok?.
A: This depends on your embassy and normally varies between one to two nights. Please check with us.

Q. Can gay and lesbian couples get legally married in Thailand?.
A: No. Legally, two people of the same gender cannot marry. A transsexual male cannot marry another male because Thai law does not permit them to legally change their gender.

Q. Is a Buddhist, Catholic or Secular ceremony a legal marriage?
A: No. They are purely symbolic ceremonies and are not legally binding. Only a civil ceremony is legally binding. As a civil ceremony is a fairly short offical affair, many couples choose to preceed it with a more romantic non-religious ceremony.

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